6 Most Followed Dutch Instagram Accounts 

 March 27, 2022

Becoming an Instagram influencer is really difficult. Usually, people who are popular on Instagram have first become popular by doing something else – acting, playing sports, modeling, etc. These people had no trouble of attracting millions of followers.

But how difficult is to become popular on Instagram if you are not a VIP person? We have a lot of success stories of people who know the ins and outs of the platform and who managed to gather a large number of followers to which they promote certain things, sell some items and engage with their fans as well.

There are various ways in which you can break down the most successful accounts. Of course, there are some international stars such as The Rock who has 307 million followers! But not everyone is that famous and it is hard to reach that number especially if you are not from the USA. Therefore, we have decided to break the list by countries and choose the most popular and influential Instagram celebs from The Netherlands!

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We will be looking at the number of followers, but also their engagement and influence!


  • 1. Frenkie De Jong – 7.6M Instagram Followers
  • 2. Max Verstappen – 6.3 Million Followers
  • 3. AFC Ajax 5.3 Million
  • 4. DUTCHNL – 5.1 Million Followers
  • 5. Rianne Meijer 1.5 Million Followers
  • 6. Dee 1.5 Million Followers
    • Conclusion

1. Frenkie De Jong – 7.6M Instagram Followers

Source: blaugranagram.com

Soccer is the most popular sport in Europe. Therefore, it comes to no surprise that Frenkie De Jong si the most popular soccer player in The Netherlands. Currently, he plays for Barcelona and he is one of the best midfielders in soccer.

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His followers are coming from all over the world, and his Instagram account currently sits at 7.6 million. It is fair to say that he is The Netherlands most famous influencer.

2. Max Verstappen – 6.3 Million Followers

Another popular figure in The Netherlands also participates in sports. But, a different kind of sports. Max Verstappen is one of the best F1 drivers, currently driving for Red Bull. He was the champion last year and he competes under the Dutch Flag. The entire Verstappen family is quite famous in racing and his dad was also in F1.

Verstappen has already made history by becoming the youngest driver to compete in Formula One when he participated at the 2015 Australian Grand Prix. He was only 17 years and 166 days old at the time, but 7 years later and he has managed to win a championship!

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Bright future lies ahead of this young man. When it comes to Instagram Verstappen is currently at 6.3 million followers, but that number is expected to grow as Verstappen is making his name in F1.

While you can easily get 6.3 million followers when you are an F1 champion, this becomes very hard to do when you’re not that successful in racing or soccer, or any other sport. Yet, you can work on improving your Instagram account and building up your brand. To do so, check out likeskopen.online as they offer strategies and ways to build your follower group and join the very top of the Instagram influencers.

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3. AFC Ajax 5.3 Million

Source: allaboutajax.com

As we’ve said, soccer is quite popular in Europe and AFC Ajax is the most popular football club in The Netherlands. Ajax has been one of the best clubs in the world that is developing young players and their younger squads are famous for winning a lot of tournaments. The first team is also great and a large number of people in this country are rooting for Ajax.

You can learn about what is going on in the club if you follow their Instagram account which currently has 5.3 Million followers.

4. DUTCHNL – 5.1 Million Followers

It comes to no surprise to see why this profile is popular. @veradijkmans show her fans what they want to see – her stunning figure. As expected, the majority of her followers are male and she knows how to deliver to her target audience.

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There is a large number of influencers who try to grab their audience’s attention by stripping down and yet this girl has managed to amass a following many so-called influencers would envy.

5. Rianne Meijer 1.5 Million Followers

Source: grazia.hr

Although there are profiles in the Netherlands that have over 1.5 million followers, we’ve decided to present you Rainne Meijer for a couple of reasons. If we are looking at the followers only, Meijer would sit at the 12th spot of the entire Netherlands list. However, we are looking some other things as well.

Meijer is a blogger, a fashionista, a stylist. And she is one of the best that does it. So far, we’ve had athletes and @veradijkmans who is quite active on OnlyFans too! However, Meijer is none of that.

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She looks really cute (sometimes sexy) and she loves to show phots with her boyfriend. She doesn’t post provocative photos, in fact, her Instagram profile looks quite ordinary!

Yet, she’s managed to attract a lot of attention in The Netherlands. She is funny and witty and people love her. She is a regular girl and if you aren’t following her, you better start now.

6. Dee 1.5 Million Followers

Right after Meijer, there’s another similar Instagram account that drew our attention. Dee is just a regular girl, but she is really fun and post pictures that aren’t always perfect and that’s completely ok. She runs a very successful YouTube channel as well, so you may get some tips from her how to run your social media accounts or a YT channel.

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Dee is just a positive person who enjoys her life and inspires others to do so too. It doesn’t take a lot for you to be happy with what you’ve got!


As you can see, Instagram influencers in The Netherlands come from all walks of life. What that means is that you can become an influencer if you want, but you will have to work hard. In order to succeed, you should follow the profiles above and see what they are doing right. Furthermore, you will have to learn about different Instagram strategies and how algorithm works.

Last but not least, you need to have entertaining and valuable content to show to your followers, otherwise, they will not be interested in following you.

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