“6 Proven Tips for Crafting Stand-Out Blog Post Titles That Rank High on Google” 

 February 27, 2023


Blog post titles are the very first thing readers see. Before reading the content, these titles offer the readers a glimpse of the quality and usefulness of the post. Hence, crafting a stand-out title is crucial in attracting readers and ranking high on Google. Below are six proven tips for crafting excellent blog post titles that rank high on Google.

1. Use Keywords

Using relevant keywords in the post title is a surefire way to get more clicks and rank high on Google. However, stuffing the title with too many keywords is not effective as it may lose the attention of the readers. Instead, use long-tail keywords, or a phrase comprising of 3-5 words, as this will target more specific readership. Google also tends to prioritize long-tail keywords.

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2. Make it Catchy and Interesting

A good title should pique the reader’s interest and make them want to read more. Experiment with different phrases, questions, and ideas until you arrive at a unique, intriguing title. However, avoid clickbait titles as these tend to disappoint readers looking for valuable content and may result in high bounce rates.

3. Keep it Short and Sweet

Long blog post titles not only look unattractive, but they also impact the readability and shareability of the post. Keep the title concise, relevant, and easy to remember. Aim for a title comprising of 60-70 characters.

4. Use Numbers and Lists

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Titles that contain numbers and lists tend to perform better as they provide a clear idea of what the readers can expect to find in the post. Additionally, readers may perceive numbers and lists as a sign of the post’s credibility, organization, and structure.

5. Target Reader’s Pain Points

Addressing the reader’s pain points in the title is an excellent strategy to attract readers who are looking for solutions to their problems. Use phrases that convey immediacy, urgency, and relevance such as “How to fix”, “5 ways to solve”, “Secrets to overcome”.

6. Be Authentic and Show Personality

A title that represents the post’s authenticity and shows the writer’s personality can play a significant role in attracting readers. Avoid generic or boring titles and instead use witty, humorous, or imaginative phrases that reflect your writing style. Remember, readers often follow the writer, not just the content.

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Q1. What is a stand-out title?
A1. A stand-out title is a title that catches the reader’s attention and distinguishes itself from other titles in the same niche. It is unique, intriguing, and relevant.

Q2. How important are keywords in the post title?
A2. Keywords in the post title are essential as they help to rank high on Google and attract the intended audience. However, avoid overusing or stuffing the title with too many keywords.

Q3. Are clickbait titles useful?
A3. Clickbait titles may attract readers to click on the post, but they tend to disappoint them with low-quality content and result in high bounce rates. Avoid using clickbait titles.

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Q4. How long should a title be?
A4. A title should be concise, clear, and easy to remember. A good title comprises 60-70 characters.

Q5. Why are numbers and lists effective in titles?
A5. Titles with numbers and lists provide a clear idea of what the readers can expect to find in the post, and they improve the post’s credibility, organization, and structure.

Q6. How should I target reader’s pain points in the title?
A6. Use phrases that convey immediacy, urgency, and relevance such as “How to fix,” “5 ways to solve,” “Secrets to overcome” to address reader’s pain points effectively.

Q7. How do I show my personality in the title?
A7. Use phrases that reflect your writing style, such as witty, humorous, or imaginative phrases, to display your personality and uniqueness.

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Crafting a stand-out blog post title is not a task to be taken lightly. It requires creativity, relevance, and authenticity. Using relevant keywords, keeping the title short and sweet, using numbers and lists, targeting reader’s pain points, and showing personality are all effective strategies for crafting an excellent title that ranks high on Google. So, start experimenting with various title ideas and find the perfect one that catches your readers’ interest. Remember to stay true to your writing style, and your title will reflect the quality of your post.

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