6 Tips for Saving Money on Medical Supplies & Equipment 

 April 7, 2022

Every person who works in the medical field knows that the equipment, devices, as well as supplies, and overall maintenance, can cost millions of dollars every year. We are aware of these costs, and when we open our own practice, we want to provide our patients and employees with the best, but we also don’t want to spend seven figures if we don’t necessarily have to. If you were thinking that there is no way to save cash unless you go with lower-quality medical supplies, then you were mistaken.

Here, we are going to list some tips for saving money on medical supplies and equipment, no matter if you are purchasing products that cost hundreds of thousands or even just a few bucks.

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  • 1. Always purchase supplies in bulk
  • 2. Know that you need to wait to get the best deals
  • 3. Discount coupons are an option as well
  • 4. Choose the right supply stores
  • 5. Consider placing your supply orders online
  • 6. Use members’ points and discounts
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1. Always purchase supplies in bulk

When we shop for medical supplies separately, chances are, they are going to cost more than when we purchase them in bulk. Note that if you choose to do this, you will need to see if you need items that are perishable, or if you can keep them in your storage for months until you need them.

Remember that the prices for wholesale medical supplies are always lower and you can contact the manufacturer or the wholesale supplier directly instead of going through third-party services. Once again, this will decrease the overall costs, and as long as you plan properly to have the items you need instead of having to wait for the next batch of orders, you will be able to perfectly function for a fraction of the cost.

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2. Know that you need to wait to get the best deals

Not every day or month is going to be good for placing your order, and there are times of the year when certain supplies are less expensive. You can wait for any special promotions, or even around major holidays when pretty much everything is at a discount. For example, black friday and cyber Monday sales are very common for everyone to offer them.

Some stores are going to offer special deals for their birthdays, and you can follow all these online. You should put all the items you want in your cart, and make sure you set your notifications to go off if there is a price change or a drop. This will help you know not only now but also plan for the future depending on when you place your orders.

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3. Discount coupons are an option as well

When we think of coupons and vouchers, we often tend to think that we can only use them for clothing or grocery shopping. In reality, you can use them in pretty much every field including medical supplies. So, you should check if there are any promo codes or coupons available depending on where you want to place your order.

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Be on the lookout for websites that will offer these promotions, and make sure you follow the right people that can provide you with special codes that you can use in your practice to save on your medical supply bills. If you don’t have to pay the full sum, then you should definitely not do it.

4. Choose the right supply stores

Opting for the right medical supply store is a must if you don’t want to invest too much, and if you want to avoid any risk of purchasing low-quality medical supplies. In this field, quality is a must, so you should choose a store that will send you samples and test products, and that can help you find all the goods that you need.

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You can check out bttn for more information and see first hand what a reliable online medical supply store like them can do to help your practice lower your medical supply bills.

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5. Consider placing your supply orders online

There are greater perks in shopping online for supplies rather than going to physical stores. The first one is that you can easily compare prices. You can see the stores and suppliers that offer the medical equipment you need and you can have their stores open in several tabs. The second one is that you won’t have to roam around the city or call everyone to see what offers you can get on supplies. This will save you and your staff a tremendous amount of time shopping for supplies and even gas money too.

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In addition to this, you will be able to see the additional costs, information about warranty and returns, and you can take your time making a decision. If one store offers more expensive things than another, but if you want to purchase from there, you can call or message them with all the information that you have gathered, and ask if they can match the price.

With online shopping, you can get the best from all worlds and stay within your budget. You can also get repeat customer discounts too along with free shipping. This can also help to lower your medical supply costs too.

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6. Use members’ points and discounts

When you choose to get your medical supplies and equipment online, you should always create a profile on the website and pay close attention to promotions and deals for members only. You will notice that the price may even decline only when you are signed up, so you should use this to your advantage.

Know that just because you are a member, does not mean that you have to have their products, so you should sign up for several stores, make sure you get notifications and fliers and see when there is an amazing offer somewhere.

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You can also ask if there is a premium membership and what are the things you will get if you become a premium user. You may be eligible for even larger discounts, you can get the newest equipment before anyone else, or you can just get free samples and gifts too.

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These are some of the ways that you can save some cash on medical products, and since they can be fairly expensive, it is best to use all of these tricks. Ultimately, it is up to you and your practice to see which ones would be the best ones for you, just know that you should pay attention to everything that is happening both online and in physical stores, and see how you can use that knowledge to your advantage. Once you figure things out, you can just use that pattern to lower the financial burden and keep up with having the best and highest quality products.

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