“Cat Converter Theft: Is it Covered by Insurance?” 

 April 9, 2022

Cat Converter Theft: Is it Covered by Insurance?


Cat converter theft has been on the rise in recent years. While the replacement cost of a stolen cat converter can be significant, many people wonder if their insurance policy will cover it. In this post, we will explore whether cat converter theft is covered by insurance.

1. What is a Cat Converter?

Understanding what a cat converter is and its importance is crucial. It is a device that converts toxic pollutants in exhaust gas into less harmful pollutants.

2. Why is Cat Converter Theft on the Rise?

There has been a rise in cat converter theft due to the high value of precious metals used in cat converters, such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium.

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3. Does Car Insurance Cover Cat Converter Theft?

Most comprehensive car insurance policies cover damage to your car due to theft, including the theft of your cat converter.

4. What is the Insurance Claim Process for Cat Converter Theft?

The insurance claim process for cat converter theft tends to be straightforward. It involves reporting the theft to the police and your insurance company, providing documentation, and possibly paying the deductible.

5. What Happens if You Don’t Have Comprehensive Insurance?

If you don’t have comprehensive car insurance, you will likely have to pay the full cost of replacing your stolen cat converter out of pocket.

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6. Can You Prevent Cat Converter Theft?

There are some steps you can take to help prevent cat converter theft, such as parking in well-lit areas, installing a cat converter lock, or marking your cat converter.

7. How Much Does a Stolen Cat Converter Cost to Replace?

The cost of replacing a stolen cat converter varies depending on the make and model of your car, the type of cat converter needed, and who is doing the replacement. On average, it can cost between $1,000 and $3,000.

8. Conclusion:

In conclusion, most comprehensive car insurance policies will cover the theft of your cat converter. However, it is crucial to review your policy to ensure you have adequate coverage. Taking preventative measures can also help reduce your risk of becoming a victim of cat converter theft.

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5. Will filing a claim for cat converter theft increase my insurance premiums?

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