Employers’ Duties with Tadbeer Maid Visa in Dubai 

 April 6, 2023

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Understanding Tadbeer Maid Visa
3. Employers’ Responsibilities towards Tadbeer Maid Visa Holders
4. Ensuring Worker Safety and Health
5. Ensuring a Secure and Safe Working Environment
6. Providing Adequate Accommodation
7. Providing Food and Drinks
8. Working Hours and Breaks
9. Payment and Benefits
10. Conclusion

Dubai is a bustling metropolis that attracts people from all over the world, including domestic workers. Tadbeer maid visa is a programme introduced in Dubai that allows domestic workers to legally work in the UAE. Providing domestic workers with attractive working conditions not only benefits the workers but also the employer as happy workers tend to be more productive. It is essential for the employer to fulfil their duties towards Tadbeer maid visa holders to avoid any legal issues.

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Understanding Tadbeer Maid Visa:
Tadbeer maid visa is a programme that allows domestic workers to work legally in the UAE. It is introduced to protect the rights of both the employers and employees. It is mandatory for employers to apply for a Tadbeer maid visa, following which a candidate will be interviewed to assess their eligibility. Once approved, the worker will be provided with a work visa for two years, which is renewable. The worker is required to have a valid passport and a medical certificate to enter Dubai.

Employers’ Responsibilities towards Tadbeer Maid Visa Holders:
Employers have many essential duties towards Tadbeer maid visa holders, which they must fulfil to ensure that their domestic worker is safe, happy and productive. Some essential responsibilities include providing adequate lodging, food, and drinks, ensuring a secure and safe working environment for the workers, payment of fees, and providing workers with adequate breaks.

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Ensuring Worker Safety and Health:
Employers should ensure that Tadbeer maid visa holders work in a safe and healthy environment. They should have easy access to first aid kits and be provided with protective gear, such as gloves, masks, and aprons, if needed. The employer should also make sure that the worker gets enough rest and not overwork them.

Ensuring a Secure and Safe Working Environment:
It is the employer’s responsibility to provide a secure and safe working environment for Tadbeer maid visa holders. They should ensure safety measures are in place, such as smoke detectors, safe electrical outlets, and secure windows and doors. They should also provide adequate lighting and ventilation in the workspace.

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Providing Adequate Accommodation:
It is crucial to provide Tadbeer maid visa holders with adequate accommodation. The accommodation provided should be clean, hygienic, and liveable. The worker should have access to basic amenities like clean water, electricity, and ventilation. The accommodation should also be located in a safe and secure neighbourhood.

Providing Food and Drinks:
The employer should provide Tadbeer maid visa holders with adequate food and beverages. They should ensure that the food is hygienic and provides a balanced diet. The worker should have enough breaks to have meals and rest.

Working Hours and Breaks:
Employers should ensure that the worker’s work hours follow the UAE labour laws. They should provide regular breaks, including a daily rest of at least two hours. It is also essential to provide the worker with one day off per week.

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Payment and Benefits:
The employer must pay Tadbeer maid visa holders according to the UAE labour laws. It includes providing the worker with a contract and a salary that meets the legal minimum wage. The employer must provide end of service benefits, such as gratuities, air tickets, and leave allowances.

Employers have considerable responsibilities towards Tadbeer maid visa holders. It is essential to understand the programme’s requirements and ensure that both the worker and the employer’s rights are protected. When an employer fulfils their duties, it leads to better relationships and increases productivity. Hopefully, the article helped understand their responsibilities, ensuring a safe and happy working environment for the workers, benefiting both the parties.

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