How do you create an identity for apps Some suggestions 

 October 12, 2022


The development of mobile apps is a profitable business. According to projections that in very near time, revenue from this sector will be $189 billion. The average smartphone user uses 30 apps on their device each month. The number of apps available is 2.8 million official apps available to Android users. How can you be sure to be sure to keep your apps in mind with all the fierce competition?


The first thing that a user is required to do prior to installing an app is to look at the icon. At first only the icon will differentiate your application from other apps. The logo must look as impressive as you can as it’s the only method to draw a huge number of people. A striking and professional design with no extra words can make your app well-known.

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What is the reason you need the icon of your mobile app?


The role of the icon is to get the user feel enthused and convince that the application is trustworthy and will meet his needs.


The most popular logo designers on the internet can be found in Turbologo. It can be used to design dozens, or thousands of designs for logos. You can make your own logo without having to hire expensive designers. The generator for logos is based upon the elements in artificial Intelligence.


A few tips for creating an appealing logo for apps.


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The icon of mobile apps must be unique (not to infringe copyright). In color and style , it has to correspond to the style and color of the interface. It is also crucial that the element is in line with the development rules of the program.


Additionally, you should consider the general recommendations to ensure that the logo is able to effectively fulfill its duties. Five such guidelines are available:


  1. Scalability


The homepage of the store online displays the icon for the mobile application. In all instances it will display in various sizes. The display of the screen typically depends on the resolution and settings of the user. The important aspect is that in every case the image is clear, and the user doesn’t need focus on his eyes in order to view the finer details. There are options to display your icons by using specific services.

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  1. Recognizability


The images and symbols displayed that appear on your icon must clearly identify the majority of users. The visual elements must be recognizable to all users regardless of the country that they reside in and the language they speak. An icon can only be successful when it aids users as much as is.


  1. Uniqueness


The competition is large. Your photo will be competing against millions of images. If you can make it stand out then you will surely succeed. How can you achieve this target:


  • Research images related to your field of expertise. Any copying that is done will be a disaster;
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Find totally new meanings through the combination of symbolism and colors. Explore more, the more you do, the more certain to transform into quality.

As an example it is possible to use the icons of games. There are no demands and more possibilities.

Choose the most well-known element of your brand as the principal component.


  1. Brevity is the kin of talent.


A social network that is well-known has the right to utilize a logo with the style of its letter “F” to represent the icon for the application. Many well-known platforms also do. If your branding is sophisticated enough to allow users to be able to identify you using only a couple of letters, that’s great. But don’t write the full name of your business in the icon. In general, do not use words, if you can.

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These tools, such as words and images are also antipodes. The use of icons is to represent a program graphically. Be aware of visual details as:


The icon will in all cases be the name of the app;

Two elements simultaneously two elements at the same time, such as images and words which can be distracting for the user. This makes it difficult to decide. It is much more likely for users to dismiss your application.


If the title isn’t too long it is a great benefit. Make sure to make it an element central to your.


  1. The logo’s correspondence to the function
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The user’s interaction with the icon and the interface needs to be similar. A great icon for applications must convey the essence of the application, in order to give a consistent image of the product. It should to complement the idea, design and performance.


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