Is There Anything Besides Tinder? 3 Best Alternatives in 2022 

 April 8, 2022

If something is really important today, then it is to have the right person by your side, ie the person you will love and who will love you, you will do everything necessary for each other and with that, you will be together in a wonderful relationship. But nowadays it is a little harder to find a partner, so many people have the same problem – to have a partner next to them who will suit their character. Although we all think it is difficult, there are certain facilitations and opportunities to get a new partner for a new relationship.

It seems nobody understands the rules of the modern dating game as excellently as Tinder does. We guess no one will argue that, namely, this app has revolutionized the whole industry. But everything changes and plenty of new players appear on the market…

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Put your hand on your heart and make a confession. If you are looking for something serious – Tinder won’t meet your expectations. All these too optimistic and easy-going ladies will make you bored very soon. And, actually, whoever swipes diligently will eventually see the same people over and over again. Is that what you want? Due to the fact you are reading this article – it’s not your goal. We, therefore, have looked around for Tinder alternatives for you. They all are different and work in a distinct manner – just choose those you like more.

What do you see when you follow the link

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The website represents the classic approach to international matchmaking with so-called mail-order brides. But don’t think it is something out-of-date since the success rate of this service is simply incredible! Particular attention deserves the level of security the members of UD have: it includes data protection and an effective anti-scam policy.

1. Bumble


If you thought Tinder was the only and best option that exists then you do not know the truth. Tinder may be the first application of this type, but it is not the only one, and the proof of that is Bumble, which has a very interesting story behind it. An interesting fact about this app: did you know that it was developed by an ex-Tinder employee? The lady wanted to create a gender-prejudice-free dating opportunity and, as we can see, did it after all!

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How does it work? The matching principle is the same (swipe right or left, match). The only difference is – the woman has to send the first message. This should not only reduce the level of pressure men usually have during online dating – but also give more power to females’ hands. If there is no response within 24 hours, the match will be forfeited. This is something new and different that will make a difference in dating and finding a soul mate, and we are sure that it will improve many things, and many people will finally find the partner they have been looking for for a long time.

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2. Happn


Many people say that there is no hope for them, that there is no one for them and that they will never find the partner they love, they have always imagined and that they will be left alone, but that is not the case. You just have to find an application like Happen that offers a lot of possibilities. Have you ever wondered how many times you ran past your dream partner without noticing her before you finally met?

The founders of the dating app Happn probably asked themselves the same question, and their app is a kind of answer to it. The platform tracks your route throughout the day and shows only those potential girlfriends who have crossed your path. Don’t worry: Happn never shows your exact whereabouts.

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The way user profiles there look is pretty similar to Tinder, and you can also swipe right and left. And, logically, you can chat only with your matches. This is another perfect opportunity to find a person who is according to your desires, beliefs and ideas. You will see that for every person there is a soulmate with whom we would find common happiness. You just need to be ready, because that person is already waiting for you.

3. Blindlee


There are a number of television projects that have helped find partners for single people. This is not the case today because there are applications today, but let’s go back to a TV show of this type which is a little bit different, but is about love. Have you watched the recent Netflix show “Love is blind“? For those who don’t know what we are talking about – keep calm – the explanation comes. The show was about couples who met through online conversations and ended up with a marriage. The point is – they couldn’t see each other during these chats! And, don’t be surprised -but two of them are still happy together which is great information to hear.

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We think developers of Blindlee were inspired by this Netflix product which is a perfect idea that has just been realized and brought to light as a product that helps. Their app matches people with similar interests – the next step is a video call. The face of your conversationalist is, however, blurred. It means you can’t see her straight away and fall in love with her personality instead of appearance.

If you want to treat yourself with a Tinder break – it’s okay. Then you should definitely look for a suitable alternative among the dating platforms on our list. There you can find everything you need: international matchmaking platforms to casual dating apps. Broaden your horizons with these new love search opportunities and finally be happy in 2022!  Everyone deserves to be happy, everyone deserves to find their soulmate and find a partner who will bring only happiness, beautiful moments, and many pleasures. Let this year be the most beautiful for you that you will remember for a long time after you came to a new love with which you will be feeling really nice.

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