Logo Ideas – 10 essential ideas 

 June 27, 2022

The creation of a logo for a business whether on your own or using Turbologo software for logo design, isn’t an easy job. A logo is an important aspect of a company’s identity. If you’re looking to make a great start with your brand new logo it is important to know the elements make a logo for an organization great.

You may be creating your own logo for your business using free tools or are outsourcing this work to an agency that is reputable These 10 suggestions will be useful.

  1. Logo for your company – begin by studying your market

The process of designing a logo for your company isn’t just about creating something visually pleasing. Your aim is to create your brand. Therefore, you should create a certain style which you engage with your people, specifically your customers.

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If you’re doing market research prior to setting up your company, it would be beneficial to pay close attention during the study to the factors that aid in identifying your clients. This will help you determine the profile of your customers, so you will know the values that matter to them. This will provide you with the necessary information on how to create your brand and , consequently, how to create your business’s logo. It is important to gain confidence in this aspect before beginning work on your logo.

  1. Pay attention to what competitors are doing

It’s certainly no way to copy logo designs from them. Behind every logo that other companies showcase there’s a great deal of work and effort into. So, analyzing finalized designs will allow you to come to a number of valuable conclusions. It will also help simplify your decision-making process regarding the things to stay clear of within your field and what’s well-known and acceptable to the people you serve.

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When you are conducting this type of study Also, consider what you would like to distinguish your business from the rest and how you can communicate this through your logo. You can, for instance, make a break from the norm when the majority of businesses in your field rely on an all-black or white color scheme, you can stand out with vibrant colors.

  1. Let your logo’s company name tell the story of your company.

Every logo is designed to tell a story to a particular intended audience. Therefore, it shouldn’t be just a visual element, but rather something that communicates a message of value to the client. It is therefore recommended to include two tales hidden behind the logo of your company – one that is obvious and the second more obscure.

  1. Use visual double entendre in your logo
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The English term visual double entendre means double meaning. As in the written language there is a game of words, here we have an art of playing images that transmit a dual message in the same. This distinctive play of association makes the company logo more memorable and is frequently mentioned for its example of genuine creative thinking.

  1. Consider space as free.

As the previously mentioned visual double entendre can help your company image stand out smart use of space produces intriguing outcomes.

  1. Keep the proper proportions in the back of your

It is inevitable to put your logo on a variety of locations. It could be as big as a portion of a billboard, or smaller than a sticker or a symbol on the back of a pencil. If the specifics of the logo aren’t apparent on a smaller size it is likely that you have to take out some of the details.

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The same applies in huge areas. The logo which is tall or “skinny” and logo too wide won’t look appealing on e.g. the billboards mentioned. It’s proportions will decrease. It is therefore ideal if your logo is able to maintain the proportions of square and rectangular simultaneously.

  1. Create a logo for your company that is moving

Of of course, in the instance that a logo is static it is not possible to add animation. However the “motion” can be put in a different way. For instance, a fish appears to be active when it’s shown leaping in the water just above it or if it has just been caught.

  1. Choose the correct font
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The font is also important in the design of the logo. After all the text that it contains typically covers a huge space. Let’s look at four fonts that could provide a stunning appearance to your logo’s design:

  • Serif fonts give your logo a appear elegant and classy.
  • Sans serif. This font type guarantees modern, clear and contemporary appearance.
  • The font is reminiscent of handwriting.
  • On the other hand, we’re dealing with decorative fonts which are extremely stylized with the intention to grab the attention of others.
  1. The color is also important when creating a logo for a business.

Colors can have multiple significances. The science behind them is complicated in its own. In short, we could define their meanings in the following way:

  • Red signifies passion, excitement and sometimes anger.
  • Orange – evokes similar feelings as red, however it’s more welcoming and inviting.
  • Yellow – If you’re looking to create a welcoming appearance the color yellow is an excellent option.
  • Green This color is extremely versatile and is perfect for those who are interested in the environment, health, or nature.
  • Blue is a classic and well-known color. It is a symbol of maturity and confidence.
  • Purple is synonymous with luxury, in addition, depending on color it also represents femininity or mystery.
  • Pink When it comes to feminine, extremely youthful, or even playful colors Pink is definitely the most appropriate color to choose.
  • Brown is not used often however it does fit the masculine message and class.
  • White – Want your logo to appear sleek and minimalist? Utilize as much white as you can.
  1. Have realistic expectations
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It took time before brands such as Microsoft, Puma, and Adidas gained popularity and their logos received widespread recognition. Logos for companies does not automatically make the business behind it famous. What is more important here is the brand itself and its standing on the market.

To ensure this, you must maintain an eye on balance when designing your logo for your business. You should try to achieve the best result of your project obviously, but don’t set unrealistic expectations for what your logo will accomplish for you. It’s also not a good idea to make major changes to the logo every couple of months, since you will be unable to maintain a constant image of your business.

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It is important to keep in mind the points discussed here, particularly when you plan to outsource logo design to a different firm. In the brief, mentioning those aspects that are the most crucial to you will certainly help ensure that your collaboration will be more effective.

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