“The Mysterious Net Worth of James Kisicki: Uncovering the Secrets of a Hollywood Star” 

 March 15, 2023

The Mysterious Net Worth of James Kisicki: Uncovering the Secrets of a Hollywood Star

James Kisicki is a name that has been around Hollywood for many years. He has acted in several movies and TV shows, and his performance has been exceptional. However, despite his success, the question on the minds of many is how much James Kisicki is worth. In this post, we will dive into his life and career to try and answer this question. Keep reading to discover the secrets of the mysterious net worth of James Kisicki.


James Kisicki is an actor known for his dynamic acting skills in Hollywood. He has played various roles in different movies and TV shows. For many years, James Kisicki has kept a low profile, making it difficult to guess his net worth. In this post, we will be uncovering the secrets of his net worth using all available information about his life and career.

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Who is James Kisicki: His Life and Career

James Kisicki was born on June 23, 1951, in Broken Bow, Nebraska. He grew up in a family of six, which was economically disadvantaged. Despite growing up in a challenging environment, he was determined to make it in life. After acquiring a degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Nebraska, James Kisicki moved to New York to start his acting career.

He started his career with a few minor roles in TV shows before he landed his first significant role in ‘As the World Turns,’ which aired from 1987 to 1993. He also played several other roles (mainly small ones) in TV shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Elementary, and Blue Bloods. In the film industry, he played various roles, including in the 2010 comedy ‘Damages.’

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How Much is James Kisicki Worth?

James Kisicki’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. Although he has had a long acting career, his net worth is still a mystery to many. However, his net worth will undoubtedly increase as he takes on more roles in the industry.

What is James Kisicki’s Source of Wealth?

James Kisicki’s source of wealth is from his career as an actor. He has played various roles on TV shows and movies, which has earned him both fame and fortune. Additionally, he has earned significant income from endorsements and sponsorships with different companies.

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Factors That Affect James Kisicki’s Net Worth

Several factors affect James Kisicki’s net worth. Some of these factors include:

– Number of Roles: The more roles James Kisicki plays, the more his net worth increases.
– Salary: The amount he earns per role determines his overall earnings, which in turn, determines his net worth.
– Endorsements: Endorsement deals with different companies increase the income for James Kisicki, therefore, increasing his net worth.
– Investments: James Kisicki’s investments help build his overall net worth.

5 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About James Kisicki

– He appeared in an episode of ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ which was featured in a compilation episode called ‘Entitled’ (Season 17, Episode 13).
– Despite being an actor, James Kisicki never starred in a movie until he was almost 50 years old.
– He once worked as a DJ before getting his big break in the acting industry.
– James Kisicki is a cancer survivor after being diagnosed with stage four Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.
– Besides acting, James Kisicki is also accomplished in writing and directing.

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7 FAQs about James Kisicki and His Net Worth

Q1: How much is James Kisicki worth?

Answer: James Kisicki’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000.

Q2: What is James Kisicki’s primary source of income?

Answer: James Kisicki’s primary source of income is from his roles in TV shows and movies.

Q3: How long has James Kisicki been acting?

Answer: James Kisicki has been acting for over three decades.

Q4: What roles has James Kisicki played in movies?

Answer: James Kisicki has played various roles in movies like ‘Damages, ‘A Saintly Switch,’ and ‘Memory.’

Q5: Has James Kisicki won any awards for acting?

Answer: James Kisicki has not won any awards for acting.

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Q6: Is James Kisicki active on social media?

Answer: James Kisicki does not have any public social media accounts.

Q7: Has James Kisicki appeared in any notable TV shows?

Answer: James Kisicki has appeared in TV shows like ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Units,’ ‘Elementary,’ and ‘Blue Bloods.’


In conclusion, James Kisicki is an accomplished actor with a net worth of around $500,000. Despite his long acting career, his net worth is still a mystery to many. His primary source of income is from his acting roles in TV shows and movies, and he hopes to take on more roles in the future. While James Kisicki has maintained a low profile, he has had an exciting career, which only continues to grow.

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