What Was Durward Kirby’s Net Worth? A Deep Dive Into The Legend’s Wealth 

 March 15, 2023

What Was Durward Kirby’s Net Worth? A Deep Dive Into The Legend’s Wealth


Durward Kirby was a popular American television personality who was known for his humor, wit, and charm. He was a constant presence on the small screen for several years, entertaining audiences with his infectious personality. Kirby’s extensive career in show business spanned over two decades, and he achieved great success during his time in the industry. In this blog post, we will delve deep into his wealth and answer the question, “What Was Durward Kirby’s Net Worth?”

Section 1: Early Life and Career:

Durward Kirby was born on August 24, 1912, in Covington, Kentucky. His family moved to Chicago when he was still a child. Kirby first entered show business as a radio announcer in the 1930s. He started his career in television in the early 1950s, hosting shows like “The Swift Show” and “The Garry Moore Show.”

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Section 2: Garry Moore Show:

Kirby’s most significant break came when he joined the original cast of “The Garry Moore Show” in 1950. This show aired on CBS and was hugely popular. Durward Kirby quickly made a name for himself on the show by cracking witty one-liners and doing comedy skits with Garry Moore.

Section 3: Success of Candid Camera:

In 1960, Durward Kirby joined the cast of the television show “Candid Camera” as a co-host. The show quickly became one of the most successful and long-running reality shows of all time. Kirby’s humor, energy, and charisma were the perfect fit for the show, making him a fan-favorite.

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Section 4: Durward Kirby’s Net Worth:

Durward Kirby was incredibly successful throughout his career. However, details about his net worth are scarce. It is estimated that, at the time of his death in 2000, Kirby’s net worth was around $5 million. This amount may not seem like much compared to some of today’s biggest celebrities, but in the 1960s and 1970s, this was a considerable amount.

Section 5: Kirby’s Awards and Achievements:

Durward Kirby was incredibly talented, and his fans recognized it by presenting him with several awards. Some of the most notable awards he received include an Emmy award in 1974 for his work on “The Candid Camera,” a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

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Section 6: Life after Candid Camera:

After leaving “Candid Camera” in 1974, Durward Kirby continued working in the entertainment industry for many years. He appeared on several TV shows and remained a popular figure in the industry until his death in 2000.

Section 7: 7 FAQs

1. What is Durward Kirby’s full name?
Answer: Durward Kirby’s full name is Durward Kirby Anthony.

2. What was Durward Kirby’s job before joining television?
Answer: Durward Kirby was a radio announcer before joining television.

3. When did Durward Kirby join Candid Camera?
Answer: Durward Kirby joined Candid Camera in 1960.

4. What was Durward Kirby’s net worth?
Answer: Durward Kirby’s net worth was estimated to be around $5 million.

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5. Did Durward Kirby receive any awards?
Answer: Yes, Durward Kirby received several awards, including an Emmy award and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

6. When did Durward Kirby die?
Answer: Durward Kirby died on March 15, 2000.

7. What other TV shows did Durward Kirby appear on?
Answer: Durward Kirby appeared on several TV shows, including “The Swift Show” and “The Garry Moore Show.”

Section 8: Conclusion:

Durward Kirby was a true legend in the entertainment industry. He was a talented comedian, host, and announcer, and his contributions to television will always be remembered. Though his net worth may not have been as high as some of today’s biggest celebrities, his legacy lives on. We hope this post has provided you with an insightful view of Durward Kirby’s life and career, and you enjoyed reading it.

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