Why Does a Business Need SEO Services 

 August 30, 2021

This year has seen a rise in the demand for good SEO. This was partly due to many businesses switching to online including many of the high street big hitters. SEO has become an integral way and cost-effective way to reach key customers. Many brands and high street stores have seen that they need SEO and the benefits that SEO brings to online selling.

We know that SEO improves online website visibility and traffic and there are many other benefits too. We spoke to Mike Dyer of www.smokingchilimedia.com and he provided us with these top reasons for optimising your SEO strategy.

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  • So Why Has SEO Become So Important?
    • Organic Search
    • SEO Builds Trust Between The Consumer and The Business
    • It’s All About Authority
    • SEO Provides Valuable Insights
    • Get SEO Right As It Promotes Better User Experience
    • The Importance Of Localised SEO
    • SEO is Forever Changing
    • SEO is Affordable
    • Look At SEO As A PR Exercise

So Why Has SEO Become So Important?

Organic Search

Organic search plays an important role when it comes to any business website. It plays a critical part for potential customers to complete the conversion journey. Google is the largest search engine provider with over one billion users.  For more information about this topic you can visit this website.

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People with access to the internet visit Google at least once a day. Not to put down other search engines but Google owns a considerable chunk of the search market. This is why SEO providers and companies adhere to their guidelines and the importance of following them.

Even though we know that Google is the largest and most used search engine provider, this should not take away the importance of other search engines such as Bing & Yahoo.

Another online search engine to take into account is YouTube. It is easier to rank on YouTube than on Google, and over 2 billion people access YouTube monthly.


Source: searchenginejournal.com

SEO Builds Trust Between The Consumer and The Business

Ranking high on Google search inherits trust with consumers or people searching for specific information. Companies ranking on page one of Google shows that the company or information searched can be trusted. SEO plays the most important role in ranking and the higher you rank on Google.

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The more trust you build with your audience or potential customer. The higher you rank means that your website is more easily discoverable, is a trusted site and that the SEO implemented is of a high standard and quality.

SEO aims to establish the solid groundwork for a website that enhances the user experience and brings credibility to the website.


Source: tbpc.co

It’s All About Authority

Authority measures the strength, visibility and ranking of a website. This is an important part of SEO and is the number one tactic of any SEO expert to strengthen and increase a websites authority.

Authority takes into account the following:
• Natural links
• User behaviour
• Optimised pages and content.

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Increasing and establishing the authority of your page will do more for your website than any other aspect of SEO. But remember it won’t happen straight away and will take a length of time, but it is worth the effort to establish the authority of your page. It will get frustrating, and your patience will get tested. At the end of the day, establishing the authority of your page will increase the trust in your website.


Source: robinwaite.com

SEO Provides Valuable Insights

SEO will give you valuable insight into how customers behave on your website. Through SEO, you can analyse search queries, SERP (Search Engine Results Pages), and AI (the technology that analyses customer behaviour)

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Get SEO Right As It Promotes Better User Experience

The number one goal for SEO is to provide the best user experience possible. Google can establish a good or a not so good user experience which is important for any website’s success. The website visitor knows what they want when they visit a site and if they can’t find what they want it will have a negative impact.

Google tends to offer users an answer to their query in as few clicks as possible. Google wants to make the user experience quick and easy.


Source: uxdesign.cc

The Importance Of Localised SEO

With mobile phones becoming an easier way to search for information, especially local information, the importance of localised SEO has come to the fore. When people search for information on their phones, it tends to be local. So, by local SEO optimization, your page can be found quickly and easily and improve your ranking.

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More and more businesses are focusing on local optimised SEO by building local backlinks, signing up for local listings and listings associated with their business. User reviews on Google also are important as well as other review sites. Be careful as many review sites are cracking down on fake reviews and always make sure that reviews are truthful.


Source: searchengineland.com

SEO is Forever Changing

SEO is a forever changing landscape. Google is forever making updates and changes that you have to remain on top of.

Always keep up-to-date with the changes as it will be beneficial for your website and keep you ahead of your competition.

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Google has a habit of making algorithm changes which is a benefit to websites and businesses. Knowing what the tactics of your competition are is a way to keep on top of your SEO.


Source: searchenginejournal.com

SEO is Affordable

Many people are under the illusion that SEO is an expensive outlay. In the short term, it may seem an expense you don’t need. It will pay for itself. Remember that SEO is a long ball game despite what you may achieve in the short term, it will seem insignificant compared to your long term return. It is better to have a near-perfect SEO strategy than none at all. Look at SEO as an investment and a long term one at that.


Source: easisell.com

Look At SEO As A PR Exercise

Ranking high on google and having good placement is a great way of promoting your business, it is also great for your PR.

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Most people search the web for news items, purchases and related items. So having a good SEO and PR strategy will increase your brand awareness. So, look at SEO as a PR exercise as well as a ranking exercise.

SEO is for the long term. It is not a short term fix. Look at SEO as part of your business strategy and remember in the long term your business and website will reap the benefits of a good SEO strategy.

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